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    When it comes to fastening solutions, the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw stands out as a reliable and versatile component. This article will help you understand the various aspects of its design, materials, and applications in detail. So, let’s see why it is a preferred choice in the world of screws.

    The Basics: 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw Overview

    The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw belongs to the 47/4C class of captive screws, known for their robust design and secure fastening capabilities. Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel, these screws are designed for durability and resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

    Material and Finish

    The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw is crafted from stainless steel, ensuring not only strength but also corrosion resistance. The natural finish not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to the screw’s overall durability. The bright color/appearance adds a touch of professionalism to its visual appeal.

    Knob Design and Material

    The knob of the captive screw features a knurled design, enhancing the grip for easy handling. Crafted from aluminum alloy, the knob strikes a balance between lightness and strength, contributing to the overall efficiency of the screw.

    Thread or Hole Type

    The 10-32 thread or hole type of the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw allows for compatibility with a variety of applications. The 10-32 specification indicates a coarse thread suitable for robust fastening in various materials.

    Head Style

    The slotted recess head style is a distinctive feature of the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw. This design ensures easy installation and removal using a slotted screwdriver, providing convenience in various industrial and commercial settings.


    One notable characteristic of the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw is its snap-in installation mechanism. This feature simplifies the assembly process, making it a preferred choice in applications where efficiency and speed are crucial.

    Series and Specifications

    Part of the Styled Knob series, the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw adheres to a specific set of design standards. These screws are engineered to meet the demands of applications requiring both functionality and aesthetics.

    Design Specifications

    Understanding the design specifications of the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw is crucial for its proper utilization. Let’s explore some key specifications that define its dimensions and capabilities.

    Panel Thickness

    The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw is designed to accommodate a range of outer panel thicknesses. The minimum outer panel thickness it can effectively secure is 1.60 mm, while the maximum is 2.50 mm. This adaptability makes it suitable for various panel configurations, adding to its versatility.

    Fastened and Unfastened Screw Projection

    The fastened and unfastened screw projections play a significant role in determining the engagement and disengagement of the captive screw. With a fastened screw projection of 7.30 mm and an unfastened screw projection of 2.80 mm, the 47/60-514-10 strikes a balance between secure fastening and ease of disassembly.

    Class: 47/4C – Captive Screws

    Belonging to the 47/4C class, the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw adheres to a set of standards that ensure its reliability and performance. The classification denotes its compatibility with specific applications and environments, providing users with assurance regarding its capabilities.

    Quality Control and Testing: Ensuring Excellence

    The reliability and performance of the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw are not left to chance. Rigorous quality control measures and testing protocols are implemented to guarantee that each screw meets the highest standards before it reaches the end user.

    Inspection Methods

    1. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a crucial step in the quality control process for the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw. This method allows for the examination of the screw’s integrity without compromising its structural soundness. Techniques such as ultrasonic testing and magnetic particle inspection identify any hidden flaws or defects, ensuring that only flawless components move forward in production.

    2. Dimensional Analysis

    Dimensional accuracy is paramount in the functionality of the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw. Precision is ensured through meticulous dimensional analysis, utilizing advanced measurement tools and techniques. This step guarantees that each screw conforms to the specified design standards, maintaining consistency and reliability across the entire production line.

    Reliability Testing

    1. Fatigue Testing

    To simulate real-world conditions and assess the screw’s endurance, fatigue testing is a critical aspect of the quality control process. The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw undergoes rigorous fatigue testing, subjecting it to repeated cycles of stress and strain. This ensures that the screw can withstand the demands of continuous use without compromising its structural integrity or performance over time.

    2. Environmental Testing

    The environments in which the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw operates can vary significantly. To guarantee its reliability across diverse conditions, environmental testing is conducted. This involves subjecting the captive screw to extremes of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. By doing so, the screw’s resilience is confirmed, making it a dependable choice in applications ranging from the scorching heat of industrial settings to the controlled environments of aerospace applications.


    The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw finds its applications across various industries due to its unique combination of features. Let’s explore some common uses and scenarios where this captive screw excels.

    Electronics and Telecommunications

    In the fast-paced world of electronics and telecommunications, secure and efficient fastening is paramount. The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw, with its snap-in installation and durable stainless steel construction, is an ideal choice for securing panels, connectors, and components in electronic devices and communication equipment.

    Industrial Machinery

    In industrial machinery, where reliability and durability are critical, the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw proves its mettle. Its ability to handle a range of panel thicknesses, coupled with the corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, makes it suitable for securing panels and access points in heavy machinery and equipment.

    Aerospace and Aviation

    The aerospace and aviation industry demands precision and reliability in every component. The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw, with its knurled aluminum alloy knob and slotted recess head, finds applications in securing panels and components in aircraft, ensuring both safety and ease of maintenance.

    Medical Equipment

    Medical equipment requires components that are functional and easy to handle and maintain. The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw, with its snap-in installation and knurled knob design, is well-suited for securing panels and enclosures in medical devices, where hygiene and efficiency are paramount.


    In the automotive industry, where vibrations and varied environmental conditions are commonplace, the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw provides a reliable solution. Its stainless steel construction and snap-in installation make it suitable for securing vehicle panels and components, ensuring longevity and performance.


    The 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw is quite excellent at offering precision and innovation in fastening technology. Its thoughtful design, durable materials, and versatile applications make it a preferred choice across diverse industries. Whether in electronics, industrial machinery, aerospace, medical equipment, or automotive applications, this captive screw excels in providing secure and efficient panel fastening solutions.

    As technology advances, the 47/60-514-10 Captive Screw continues to play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and functionality of various systems and equipment.

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