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    MEMS is a new gate to the advanced future world. It is a micro electrochemical system that has given birth to the latest version of the technology. You can find your necessary MEMS devices at WIN SOURCE at an affordable price.

    As your supplier we are a trustworthy source of getting top-quality electronic components. You can also find the hot-selling products here which are in demand in the market. Let’s get to the main discussion of MEMS, its features, and the categories below.

    What is MEMS?

    The Micro Electromechanical System or abbreviated as MEMS is a microdevice system with dimensions of millimeters and micrometers scale. This high-performance technological system integrates a micro-sensor, micro-actuator, micro-power supply, control circuit, etc.

    MEMS consists mainly of three parts such as sensors, actuators, and micro-energy. This microdevice system is extensively used in the fields of physics, semiconductors, optics, electronic engineering, chemistry, mechanical engineering, medicine, biotechnology, and so on.

    MEMS technology categories

    Sensing MEMS technology 

    Sensing MEMS technology uses sensitive electronic components like capacitors, piezoelectrics, piezoresistance, thermocouples etc. Factors like speed, pressure, humidity, magnetism, light, sound are used here as sensors.

    Biological MEMS technology 

    The MEMS system is used here to manufacture biological tools. A multifunctional chip can integrates traditional analytical laboratory functions in one device.

    Optics MEMS technology

    This field combines MEMS system with optical device. As a result of that optical communication technology has emerged. Some examples of optics MEMS technology include optical waveguide devices, semiconductor laser devices, photoelectric detection devices, etc.

    Special features of MEMS technologies


    One of the best features of MEMS is that they are extremely small in size. The tiny, light-weighted structure makes them usable for dynamic works. Also, microdevice systems consume low energy and show high-frequency resonance.

    Mechanical and electrical properties

    Silicon is used in MEMS as the main material. Silicon is an excellent material in terms of strength, hardness, density, and thermal conductivity.

    Mass production

    As MEMS is a micro-scale-based technological system, it is convenient for mass production. In this way, it leads to reduced production costs.


    MEMS technology integrates multiple sensors or actuators with different functions and sensitive directions which makes it a stable and reliable technology.


    MEMS systems integrate advanced technologies of the modern world. It is now widely used in multiple disciplines such as electronics, machinery, automatic control, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

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