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    Celsius and Kelvin are the two important parameters. But most of us take it to hustle to convert Celsius to Kelvin or vice versa.

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    Celsius to kelvin Conversion

    A temperature scale based on 0° for the freezing point of water and 100° for its boiling point is called the Celsius scale, also called the centigrade scale. The Swedish physicist, astronomer, and engineer Anders Celsius is credited with creating this scale and is honored by having his name on it. The boiling point of water was formerly represented on the Celsius scale by 0° and the freezing point by 100°. Later, these numbers were inverted to represent the freezing point of water as 0° and the boiling point of water as 100°.

    These experiments served as the foundation for the Kelvin scale. It is not random but designed to have an absolute zero point.

    0 K = -273.15oC = -459.67oF

    The recognized metric unit of temperature is Kelvin (K). As you will see, there is no “degree” with the kelvin. For instance, 3K is referred to as “three kelvins.”

    Here is a conversion of Celsius to Kelvin:

    T = Tc + 273.15

    Kelvin to Celsius conversion:

    Tc = T – 273.15

    One Celsius degree and one Kelvin are equivalent units on the Kelvin scale.

    The list of conversion formulas is as follows.

    ● Celsius to Kelvin, K = C + 273.15

    ● Celsius to Fahrenheit, F = (9/5)C + 32

    ● Fahrenheit to Celsius, C = (5/9)(F-32)

    ● Fahrenheit to Kelvin, K = (5/9)(F+459.67)

    ● Fahrenheit to Rankin, R = F + 459.67

    ● Rankin to Kelvin, K = (5/9)R

    How do you convert Celsius to Kelvin’s formula?

    Celsius to Kelvin conversion: Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15. In addition to 273.15, the value 273 is utilized. Consult with your instructor at this point. 273 will be used in the next examples.

    Why do we use Kelvin instead of Celsius?

    Kelvin zero degrees corresponds to a temperature or kinetic energy of zero. Because these scales do not start at zero, changes in Celsius or Fahrenheit are not directly connected to kinetic energy or volume changes. Scientists use the Kelvin scale to measure absolute temperature and correlate it with volume and kinetic energy.

    Hopefully, you have understood the gist of converting between Celsius and Kelvin scale. Electronic temperature sensors provide temperature readings in Kelvin or other units, often in industrial applications. For compatibility with other systems or standards, users may need to convert these readings to Celsius. WIN SOURCE is the most reliable source to offer quality electronic components. We only supply products from renowned manufacturer. Check out our product category to find the products you need!


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