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  • Comparing Butterfly Valves: An In-Depth Analysis of the Anvil International 7005011759

    When it comes to industrial fluid control, butterfly valves play a pivotal role in regulating the flow of various substances across a multitude of applications. These applications range from commercial and petroleum services to hot water, dilute acid, alkali, oil-free air, and chemical services. Within this landscape, Anvil International stands out with its remarkable product, the Anvil International 7005011759 butterfly valve.

    Let’s sketch a comprehensive comparison of butterfly valves, shedding light on the unique features and advantages that make the Anvil International 7005011759 a standout choice.

    What are Butterfly Valves?

    Butterfly valves are crucial components in fluid control systems because they can quickly and efficiently modulate the flow of liquids and gasses. The fundamental design of a butterfly valve consists of a circular disc mounted on a spindle, which acts as the valve’s closure element. By rotating the disc, users can control the flow of the substance through the pipeline.

    What Makes The Anvil International 7005011759 Stand Out?

    The Anvil International 7005011759 is a one-piece type butterfly valve with a 2-inch nominal size. It adheres to several applicable standards, including CUL, CUPC, NSF/ANSI 61, FM, and MSS SP-67. The valve is designed to handle various applications, including commercial, petroleum service, hot water service, dilute acid, alkali, oil-free air, and chemical service.

    Let’s see the features:

    Temperature Rating: This butterfly valve’s temperature range is -40 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit, making it well-suited for applications involving extreme temperature variations.

    Body Material: The valve’s body is constructed from ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 nylon-coated ductile iron, providing a robust and durable foundation for various operating conditions.

    Pressure Rating: The valve boasts a 300 PSI pressure rating, ensuring its capability to handle high-pressure environments with ease.

    End Connections: Featuring grooved x grooved end connections, the Anvil International 7005011759 offers a secure and reliable connection for fluid transport.

    End-to-End Distance: The valve’s compact design allows for a 3-3/16 inch end-to-end distance, making it suitable for installations with space constraints.

    Actuation Type: The 10-position locking lever actuation type allows for precise control over the valve and facilitates ease of use and maintenance.

    Disc and Stem Materials: The disc is crafted from ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron, while the stem is made of 416 stainless steel, ensuring corrosion resistance and longevity.

    Lead-Free Construction: The Anvil International 7005011759 is constructed with lead-free materials, aligning with modern environmental and safety standards.

    Outer Diameter: The valve’s outer diameter is 2-3/8 inches, providing a compact yet robust form factor.

    Model: The specific model under consideration is the 7700 model, indicating a level of precision and engineering that Anvil International has dedicated to this product.

    Comparative Analysis

    To truly understand why the Anvil International 7005011759 stands out, let’s compare it with common industry standards and explore the advantages it offers:

    1. Robust Construction

    The valve body is made of ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 nylon-coated ductile iron, which ensures exceptional strength and durability. This construction is superior to standard materials, offering resistance to wear, corrosion, and environmental factors.

    2. Wide Range of Applications

    The Anvil International 7005011759 caters to an extensive range of applications, from commercial to chemical services. Its versatility positions it as a go-to solution for various industries, streamlining procurement and reducing the need for multiple valve types.

    3. Temperature Handling

    The wide temperature range of -40 to 230 degrees Fahrenheit makes the valve suitable for diverse climates and industries. It ensures reliable performance in extreme cold and hot environments, catering to the needs of applications such as hot water and petroleum services.

    4. Lead-Free Compliance

    In compliance with modern environmental standards, using lead-free materials in constructing the Anvil International 7005011759 is a significant advantage. This not only aligns with regulations but also contributes to safer fluid handling.

    5. Precision Control

    The 10-position locking lever actuation type allows for precise control over the valve, enabling operators to manage flow rates accurately. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of fluid control systems, reducing the risk of overflows or disruptions.

    6. Compact Design

    With a 3-3/16 inch end-to-end distance and a 2-3/8 inch outer diameter, the Anvil International 7005011759 is designed with space efficiency in mind. This compact form factor is advantageous in installations where space is limited or where a streamlined appearance is desired.

    7. Compliance with Industry Standards

    Meeting standards such as CUL, CUPC, NSF/ANSI 61, FM, and MSS SP-67 ensures that the Anvil International 7005011759 is not only reliable but also adheres to recognized quality benchmarks. This compliance provides peace of mind to end-users and aligns with industry best practices.

    8. Corrosion Resistance

    The use of 416 stainless steel for the stem and ASTM A536 Grade 65-45-12 ductile iron for the disc ensures corrosion resistance, extending the valve’s lifespan. This resistance is crucial for applications where exposure to corrosive substances is daily.

    9. Secure End Connections

    The grooved x grooved end connections contribute to the overall reliability of the valve. This design choice enhances the ease of installation and minimizes the risk of leaks or disconnections, particularly in environments where vibrations or movement may occur.


    The Anvil International 7005011759 butterfly valve’s robust construction, wide range of applications, and features make it a top choice in the market. Whether in commercial, petroleum, hot water, chemical, or other services, the Anvil International 7005011759 proves its mettle through a combination of engineering excellence and adherence to the highest quality standards.

    As industries evolve and demand more from their fluid control systems, the Anvil International 7005011759 remains at the forefront. It delivers performance, durability, and peace of mind to those who rely on its capabilities.

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