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    In Spain, electronic component distributors play a crucial role, not only in supporting local technological innovation and development but also as an integral part of the global electronics manufacturing supply chain. From the innovation centers of Barcelona to the industrial districts of Madrid, Spain’s electronic component distributors are highly recognized by manufacturers and engineers around the world for their excellent service, extensive product lines, and relentless pursuit of technological advancement. This article provides an overview of the top 10 electronic component distributors in Spain, highlighting their contributions to the advancement of the electronics industry at home and abroad.

    1. Electrónica Embajadores.

    Located in Madrid, in the heart of Spain, Electrónica Embajadores is a family-run business that has specialized in providing a wide range of electronic components, test equipment, and DIY tools since 1975. Known for its professional customer service, real-time inventory update system, and special discounts for educational institutions, Electrónica Embajadores strives to be the one-stop electronics shopping destination of choice, providing customers with everything they need from basic electronics learning kits to advanced semiconductors.

    2.RS Components.

    RS Components is the world’s leading distributor of industrial and electronic products, solutions, and services. The Spanish branch of RS Components inherits the strength of the company’s global network, offering more than 500,000 products covering a wide range of fields such as electronics, automation and control, test and measurement, etc. RS Components is well known and respected in Spain for its strong online support, technical documentation library, and fast delivery service. Respected in Spain for its strong online support, technical documentation library, and fast delivery service, RS Components is dedicated to helping engineers and purchasing professionals find solutions quickly and drive innovation. 

    3. Farnell.

    Farnell, one of the world’s leading distributors of electronic components, stands out in the Spanish market for its specialized services and support for design engineers. Offering more than 500,000 products including semiconductors, passive components, connectivity solutions, and more, Farnell is committed to supporting every stage of innovation and design, helping engineers turn ideas into reality by providing technical resources, design tools, and specialized technical support.

    4. Mouser Electronics.

    Mouser Electronics features the latest semiconductors and electronic components in Spain, with a special focus on new product introductions to ensure that engineers and buyers have access to the most cutting-edge technology. Mouser’s success in Spain is based on its broad product line, no minimum order requirements, and emphasis on customer service, making it an ideal partner for rapid prototyping and mass production. Mouser’s success in Spain is based on its broad product line, no minimum order requirements, and focus on customer service, making it an ideal partner for rapid prototyping and mass production.

    5. Digi-Key Electronics.

    Digi-Key Electronics has carved out a niche in the global electronics distribution market with a robust online platform and an almost unrivaled inventory of products. In Spain, Digi-Key offers more than 8 million products, supporting engineers and manufacturers from a wide range of industries. By providing the ultimate customer experience, fast delivery, and extensive online resources, Digi-Key helps accelerate the process from concept to production.

    6. TME.

    TME (Transfer Multisort Elektronik) is a family business with Polish origins that has grown to become one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Europe. In Spain, TME offers access to 350,000 products through its multilingual website, including electronic components, electrical equipment, industrial automation products, and workplace equipment. TME has gained a foothold in the Spanish market for its fast response to customer needs, competitive prices, and efficient logistics.

    7. Distrelec.

    Distrelec Group is a leading company specializing in the distribution of electronic components, measurements, and tools, as well as IT and network technologies. In Spain, Distrelec has earned the trust of its customers with its broad product portfolio, expertise, and efficient service. By providing real-time stock information, fast delivery options, and free technical support, Distrelec ensures that customers receive the support they need at every stage of their project.

    8. Arrow Electronics.

    Arrow Electronics, a global giant in electronic components and computing solutions, provides value to its customers through its comprehensive services in Spain. Arrow not only provides electronic components but also design, supply chain, and production support services that help customers reduce time-to-market and optimize costs. Arrow’s presence in Spain benefits from a global network and resources that enable it to support customers from start-ups to large corporations.

    9. Avnet.

    Avnet has a strong reputation in the global electronics distribution industry, and its Spanish subsidiary specializes in a wide range of electronic components, embedded solutions, and supply chain services. Avnet supports customers from design to delivery, providing technical consulting, design and manufacturing services, and after-market support, making it a trusted partner for engineers and manufacturers.


     Chip1Stop is an online electronic components distributor based in Japan, popular in the Spanish market for its efficient service and wide product range. Specializing in providing customers with fast and flexible sourcing solutions for electronic components, including hard-to-find parts and the latest technology products, Chip1Stop offers a seamless shopping experience for engineers and purchasing professionals in Spain through its multilingual website and customer support team.

    Electronic component distributors have demonstrated their immense contribution to the electronics industry both domestically and internationally, not only supporting technological innovation but also accelerating the process of moving products from design to production. By offering a wide range of products, professional technical support, and optimized supply chain services, these distributors have made them a reliable partner for engineers and manufacturers. Their services go beyond sales to include design assistance, logistics, and post-production support, ensuring that their customers can meet the challenges of rapidly changing markets and technologies. 

    As one of the world’s leading distributors of electronic components, WIN SOURCE provides unparalleled value to customers worldwide through their efficient service, broad product selection, and continuous pursuit of innovative technology. To learn more, or if you are looking for electronic component solutions, please visit the WIN SOURCE. 


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