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    Do you have proper idea about IR44 batteries? It is a common type of battery that we use in everyday life. Understanding the IR44 battery is important to caring for your devices.

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    The LR44 battery is a small alkaline button cell battery. It is designed to provide a stable and reliable power source for various small electronic devices. It is also known by other names, including AG13, A76, and 357.

    The diameter of thye batteries approximately 11.6 mm. LR44 battery is compact and suitable for devices where space is limited.

    Specifications of LR44 Batteries:

    LR44 batteries possess the following specifications:

    ● Voltage: Typically, LR44 batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts,

     Chemistry: Offer stable voltage output and longer lifespan compared to some other battery types.

     Capacity: They have a capacity ranging from 110 to 150 milliampere-hours (mAh)

    ● Shape: The disc-like shape makes them suitable for devices with limited battery compartments.

    Applications of LR44 Batteries:




     Medical Devices

     Remote Controls


    LR44 Batteries vs. Lithium Batteries: A Comparison

    While LR44 batteries have their merits, they are often compared to lithium batteries due to their similarities and differences.


    Chemistry: LR44 batteries typically use alkaline chemistry, while lithium batteries can be based on lithium-ion or lithium coin cell chemistry. Lithium batteries often offer higher energy density and longer shelf life.

    Capacity: In general, lithium batteries tend to have higher capacity compared to LR44 batteries, resulting in longer operational lifetimes.

    Discharge Curve: Lithium batteries often exhibit a more gradual discharge curve, maintaining a relatively constant voltage until the end of their lifespan. LR44 batteries might experience a more noticeable voltage drop as they deplete. 

    Specialized Applications: Lithium batteries are commonly used in devices requiring high power output and extended runtimes, such as digital cameras and smartphones. LR44 batteries are better suited for devices with moderate power needs.

    LR44 batteries are compact powerhouses that have earned their place in the world of small electronics. While lithium batteries offer certain advantages in terms of capacity and discharge characteristics, the LR44 battery’s affordability and suitability for specific devices make it a valuable choice for various applications. Whether it’s a child’s toy or a medical instrument, the LR44 battery’s unassuming presence ensures that our devices keep running, powering our lives behind the scenes.

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