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    Nowadays, almost everything relies on batteries to operate. However, the typical AA and AAA batteries are inadequate for more specialized devices, leaving us unsure which batteries to use in our equipment.

    Regarding tactical equipment and other specialized products, we often encounter battery types such as the CR2 or CR123. But what are the differences between these batteries, and how should they be used?

    CR2 And CR123 Batteries: What Are They?

    Before we delve into the topic, let’s start with what CR2 and CR123 batteries are. Let’s take a closer look:

    CR2 Batteries

    The CR2 battery is about half the size of a regular AA battery and is commonly used in cameras and other photography equipment. Its compact shape makes it easy to fit into smaller devices.

    With a diameter of 15.6 mm and a total length of 27 mm, the CR2 battery has a low discharge rate, allowing it to last longer in terms of charge than other batteries. However, the charge life of the CR123 battery is even longer.

    CR123 Batteries

    The CR123 battery is larger and more powerful than the CR2. Its diameter is 17 mm, and a length of 35.4 mm, making it just under 34% the width of a standard AA battery.

    Despite being smaller than the CR2, the CR123 offers a significantly higher power output and longer charge life.

    Which Is Better Between CR123 And CR2 Batteries?

    When choosing between CR123 and CR2 batteries, many people believe that CR123 batteries are the better option. This is because CR123 batteries are not only larger in size, but they also contain more energy. In fact, on average, a CR123 battery is 60% more powerful than a CR2 battery.

    In addition to its greater energy capacity, the CR123 battery also has a higher current draw, making it superior to the CR2. This means that it can provide more energy to the device it powers.

    For example, if you use a flashlight that runs on CR123 batteries, the light it produces will be much brighter than if CR2 batteries powered it.

    However, if your device requires smaller batteries, you should use CR2 batteries. Ultimately, the choice between CR123 and CR2 batteries depends on your specific device requirements.

    Is It Possible To Use CR2 And CR123 Interchangeably?

    While CR2 and CR123 batteries are both commonly used in portable electronics such as flashlights, camera flashes, and video game controllers, they are not interchangeable.

    Even though both batteries have a high energy capacity and can discharge for a considerable amount of time, they differ in size.

    CR123 batteries are larger than CR2 batteries, so you may be unable to use a CR123 battery instead of a CR2 one.


    When it comes to choosing between CR2 and CR123 batteries, it all depends on your specific needs. If you require a smaller battery for your device, CR2 batteries are the way to go.

    However, if you need more power and longer charge life, CR123 batteries are the better choice. Remember always to check the specifications of your device to ensure you are using the correct battery type. And feel free to contact us here at WIN SOURCE if you’re looking to purchase CR2 batteries in quantity.


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