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    In today’s technology-driven world, WIN SOURCE has always been committed to promoting innovation. We announce that we have entered into a cooperation agreement with TimeOut4Africa, and on August 5, 2023, we have successfully passed the financial support to sponsor the STEM program in the Minna region of Nigeria. We firmly believe that through this program, we will provide more opportunities for young women to learn about technology and contribute to the development of future technology leaders.

    Women in the Minna region of Nigeria have relatively limited opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, which in part constrains their development in these fields. TimeOut4Africa’s STEM program seeks to change that, encouraging them to engage in a world of exploration, experimentation and discovery by providing STEM materials such as creative LEGO bricks, instructive keva boards, inspiring k’nex and more.

    WIN SOURCE has always believed in the importance of education, especially in the field of technology. By funding this project, we hope to provide schools in the Minna region of Nigeria with the science discovery kits, modern desks and chairs, laptops and other basic STEM materials needed to create an environment that encourages innovation, experimentation and learning for female students. environment of.

    This cooperation is part of WIN SOURCE’s long-term commitment to social responsibility. We hope to support this project through funding and provide more opportunities for female students to stimulate their curiosity, creativity and leadership potential. We recognize that cultivating women’s interests and capabilities in technology is not only meaningful to individuals, but also has a positive impact on society and technology as a whole.

    In WIN SOURCE’s view, investing in education is investing in the future. Our sponsorship is more than financial support, it opens the door to endless possibilities for tomorrow’s technology leaders. We look forward to seeing how these female students shine in STEM fields as innovation enablers, problem solvers and social change makers.

    By supporting TimeOut4Africa’s STEM initiatives, we hope to create more opportunities for women, opening doors for them to explore the world of technology, while also energizing the future of society as a whole. WIN SOURCE couldn’t be more honored to partner with this visionary initiative, paving the way for tomorrow’s technology leaders.


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