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  • WIN SOURCE Joins Forces with UTRA RoboSoccer to Co-create a New Chapter in Robot Soccer

    [December 26, 2023] – WIN SOURCE, a leading enterprise in the field of electronic component distribution, has officially announced its sponsorship partnership with the UTRA RoboSoccer team, injecting new vitality into the robot soccer team at the University of Toronto. This collaboration aims to propel the development of robotics technology in the field of soccer, ushering in a new era where technology and sports seamlessly converge.

    Founded in 2016 by passionate undergraduate engineering students, the UTRA RoboSoccer team envisions its humanoid robot team becoming the champions of the RoboCup international competition by 2050, leading the innovation in robot soccer technology. WIN SOURCE’s sponsorship will provide robust support for this ambitious goal.

    WIN SOURCE is renowned for its extensive product inventory, fast delivery services, and professional technical support. Through its user-friendly online platform, customers can easily search, select, and purchase the electronic components they need. This enables the UTRA RoboSoccer team to effortlessly access the required electronic components, ensuring efficiency and reliability in the design and manufacturing process.

    Through this sponsorship, WIN SOURCE will provide ample funding to the UTRA RoboSoccer team, assisting them in continually enhancing robot performance. As a leading enterprise in the electronics field, WIN SOURCE will collaborate with the UTRA RoboSoccer team to explore the forefront of robotics technology, fostering greater breakthroughs in the RoboCup competition.

    The founder of the UTRA RoboSoccer team stated, “We are excited about the partnership with WIN SOURCE. The sponsorship is not only a recognition of our team but also a vote of confidence in the development of robot soccer technology. We look forward to creating a new glory in the field of robot soccer through this collaboration.”

    This sponsorship will witness WIN SOURCE and the UTRA RoboSoccer team co-writing a new chapter in robot soccer technology. Together, they will strive to present a feast of technology and passion for global technology enthusiasts and soccer fans alike.


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