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  • WIN SOURCE sponsored TCF-USA to support a classroom in Pakistan

    [December 25, 2023] WIN SOURCE, a world-renowned electronic components supplier, has recently reached a relationship with the Citizenship Foundation of the United States (TCF-USA). We are proud to announce our recent collaboration and hope it is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

    WIN SOURCE understands the importance of education and the vital role it plays in communities of all privilege levels. In turn, we recognize TCF-USA’s philosophy of philanthropy and providing equal educational opportunities for children around the world. This is why we have decided to generously provide the organization with financial sponsorship. A classroom has been donated to children in need of education in Pakistan. Eligible students will receive educational facility support and schooling opportunities provided by TCF Construction in the classroom.

    The Citizenship Foundation of America was created to support the education of underprivileged children in Pakistan. TCF-USA supports specific programs, initiatives and projects of the Pakistan Civic Foundation (TCF), one of the country’s leading organizations in the field of education. Founded in 1995, TCF is committed to building and operating schools, providing high-quality education platforms for communities where school-age children live, and providing local women with career opportunities to become teachers.

    WIN SOURCE’s is a keen supporter of charities and endeavors that provide equal opportunities to those who might otherwise struggle to access them. Our emphasis on educational projects reflects our high expectations for the future of society. Investing in children through education is key to unlocking their untapped potential.

    As an electronic components supplier, WIN SOURCE is aware of the level of education needed to enter our industry. However, one of the main draws is that our work can be conducted by anyone who has access to the right tools, meaning there should be no barriers to entry, provided education can be offered. This is a philosophy we hope to kick into gear with the establishment of our relationship with TCF-USA.

    The establishment of a classroom in a community will bring seeds of new life and vitality to the local area. The potential of learning can breed progressive change. Every new child receiving education means that one more family has new hope, which will actively promote the community to take a new step towards a better future.

    And we know this is a value shared by TCF-USA. Its donation program is designed to distribute money where it’s most needed, focusing specifically on education in underserved communities. Importantly, it has its own infrastructure to aid the construction of schools and classrooms, meaning any donations go further.

    While WIN SOURCE attaches great importance to the construction of its own brand’s scientific and technological strength, it also pays attention to sponsorships with non-profit organizations, hoping to contribute to charity with the appeal of industry leaders.

    WIN SOURCE encourages the industry to pay attention to regional education issues and make social contributions to creating a knowledge palace for equal learning and providing educational opportunities for children in Pakistan. Similarly, we encourage those who can to donate, and we hope we can lead by example to bring about the change we wish to see in the world.



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