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  • WIN SOURCE Triumphs at 2023 Electronica China: Exhibiting Cutting-Edge “E-Planet” Innovation

    ——Asia’s Pioneer B2B E-Commerce Platform is Proven Leader of Electronics Component Distribution 

    SHENZHEN, CHINA—[August 11, 2023]—WIN SOURCE, the preferred B2B e-commerce platform in Asia, is proud to announce its successful participation in the 2023 Electronica China event. WIN SOURCE was one of the most popular companies taking part in the exclusive exhibition.


    WIN SOURCE is a proven leader in the fields of semiconductors, sensors, connectors, and power supplies. The company was well received at the event, expanding its reputation and commitment to encouraging electronic innovation and vendor partnerships.


    Each year, Electronica China’s influence confirms its reputation as the most desired platform. Visitors experience exclusive new product developments that demonstrate exciting growth in the electronic technology space. The event is the most visible industry gathering. Only the best companies are invited, highlighting the status of chosen electronic experts.


    This year, WIN SOURCE elevated its reputation with ground-breaking e-commerce offerings. The company is focused on reducing production costs for various industrial sectors. Its robust B2B platform showcased a superior, comprehensive inventory and supplier management system. WIN SOURCE stands out as the go-to supplier of electronic components, absorbing and minimizing manufacturer procurement risk.


    WIN SOURCE is a leading independent distributor in Asia. The company’s platform has received quality certifications from globally recognized institutions, including ISO9001 and ISO14001. It follows IDEA-QMS-909 and other quality management system standards and complies with the ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified processing flow. WIN SOURCE is committed to delivering state-of-the-art products as well as prioritizing its green management footprint.

    WIN SOURCE’s business is based on the continuous optimization of the electronic manufacturing procurement chain, a goal they realize through their own big data platform. The company continues to optimize its online shopping platform and supplier network, while simultaneously developing the WIN SOURCE internal supply chain operation system—inclusive of sales, procurement, warehousing logistics, marketing, and other subsystems to support its global supply chain. As a result of these capabilities, WIN SOURCE enable customers to realize one-stop BOM procurement, obtain shortage and obsolete (Shortage & Obsolete) inventory quickly, and continuously optimize procurement and production costs.

    After 23 years of growth, WIN SOURCE has built an independent and mature supplier management system with a strict supplier approval process and flexible real-time procurement processes. The company has integrated the most direct sources of electronic components from various Asian countries. Channels allow customers to develop their businesses with the lowest procurement costs.


    WIN SOURCE presented its unique service features including 24-hour delivery and 365-day warranty services, underscoring the company’s dedication to ensuring smooth and efficient client manufacturing processes. Maintenance and operational costs are now reduced and easier to manage. 


    “We are thrilled with our success. 2023 Electronica China was productive and interesting week for us,” said a spokesperson for WIN SOURCE. “As a frontrunner in the electronic components distribution landscape, we value our participation in events that stimulate innovation and encourage industry dialogue. The positive reception we received for our platform and services is a win-win for our company and its partner vendors.”

    During the exhibition, WIN SOURCE accepted two interviews. One was recorded and the other was live. In the interviews, WIN SOURCE provided insights into how the company uses its own advantages to create and present the best quality solutions.

    Venue: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

    Exhibition time: 2023.7.11-2023.7.13

    Hall: 6.2H-F129

    For more information, visit win-source.net.


    About WIN SOURCE


    WIN SOURCE, established in 1999, is the first overseas B2B e-commerce platform in Asia, aimed at reducing production costs for EMS, OEM, ODM, and other factory customer groups. With an impressive supplier management system and extensive electronic components inventory, WIN SOURCE distinguishes itself through unparalleled service offerings, such as 24-hour delivery and 365-day warranty services. 


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