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    19-217-Y5C-AM1N1VY-3T device package

    19-217-Y5C-AM1N1VY-3T schematic symbol

    The development of LED (light emitting diode) is regarded as one of the greatest milestones in the history of semiconductor and electronics technology. In the past incandescent light bulbs and halogens lamps were the only electric powered light sources available in the market. The use of photoelectric phenomena in the semiconductors brought forth a big revolution in photonics and electronics industry. Today LEDs are used in all types of electronic circuits and applications. Devices like infrared remote controllers, seven segment displays, automotive headlights, camera flashers, and medical lights owe their existence to LED technology. These days LEDs are available in all kind of shapes, colors and sizes to cater a wide range of applications.

    What is 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T?

    The 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T is an AlInGaP yellow colored chip LED developed by EverLight Electronics Co, Ltd. This LED is compatible with automatic placement equipment as well as vapor phase reflow soldering process. The LED is very power efficient and consumes only 60mW power. The peak forward current of this LED is 60mA whereas the continuous forward current is 25mA. The LED reverse voltage is 5V. This chip LED is a general purpose device which is designed to be used in ordinary electronic equipment. This LED is not designed for use in safety critical applications such as aircrafts, medical equipment, automobiles or military grade applications. Due to its compact form factor it is ideal for space constrained applications.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T LED is given in the table below:

    Pin number Pin name Pin description
    1 +ve pin LED positive terminal
    2 -ve pin LED negative terminal


    • Source color: Yellow
    • Semiconductor material: AlInGaP
    • Tolerance: 0.10mm
    • Lens type: Water clear
    • Supports automatic placement equipment
    • Supports infrared soldering
    • Supports vapor phase soldering
    • Low power consumption
    • High luminous intensity
    • Pb-free RoHS compliant package
    • IC compatible


    The applications of 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T LED are provided as following:

    • Office equipment
    • Telecom equipment
    • Office equipment
    • Keypad backlighting
    • Dashboard backlighting
    • Front panel illumination
    • Symbol illumination
    • Cells phones and notebooks


    The major technical specifications of the 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T LED are provided as following:

    • Illumination: Yellow
    • Orientation: top view
    • Wavelength: 591nm
    • Luminous intensity: 79mcd
    • Viewing angle: 120 degrees
    • Len color: colorless
    • Peak forward voltage: 2.0V
    • Peak forward current: 60mA
    • Power dissipation: 60mW
    • Max operating temperature: 85 degrees
    • Lens shape: rectangular

    How 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T work?

    The 19-217/Y5C-AM1N1VY/3T is an AlInGaP yellow colored chip LED from EVERLIGHT Electronics Co. This general purpose chip LED can be used in non-safety critical consumer, commercial and industrial electronic products and circuits. This chip LED supports a number of soldering methods and features low power dissipation. LEDs are current controlled devices and hence a current limiting resistor is required with the LED to avoid burnout.

    The typical LED application circuit is given in the following figure:

    19-217-Y5C-AM1N1VY-3T application circuit

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