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    1N4007 device package

    1N4007 schematic symbol

    With the introduction of semiconductor devices, the electronics technology has really taken off. Today, it is virtually impossible to think of an electronic device which does not contain any semiconductor devices. With the passage of time, different types of semiconductor devices have been invented. One of the most common semiconductor devices used today is the diode. A diode is basically a two terminal component which conducts current in a single direction. An ideal diode exhibits very low resistance in one direction and very high resistance in the opposite direction. There are many different types of diodes which are used in various applications. Some of the diode types include Zener diode, Schottky diode, photo diode, PIN diode, laser diode, and light emitting diode. Diodes are commonly employed in rectifiers and voltage regulators.

    What is 1N4007?

    The 1N4007 is an axial lead glass-passivated standard recovery diode from ON Semiconductor. These general purpose diodes are ideal for low power applications. The diode terminals as well as the external surface are corrosion resistant. The cathode side of the diode is marked by a polarity band. These diodes are suitable for use in rectifiers and switch mode power supplies.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the 1N4007 diode is given in the table below:

    Pin Number Pin name Pin description
    1 Anode Positive terminal of the diode.
    2 Cathode Negative terminal of the diode.


    • Two terminal device
    • Epoxy casing
    • Corrosion resistant material
    • Compact form factor
    • Available in tape and reel
    • Lead-free packaging
    • Easily solderable leads
    • Cathode marked by polarity band


    The applications of 1N4007 diode are provided as following:

    • Power electronic converters
    • Rectifier circuits
    • Voltage regulator circuits
    • Signal shaping circuits
    • Power supply circuits


    The major technical specifications of the 1N4007 diode are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 2
    • Package: Epoxy lead-free reel
    • Weight: 0.4g
    • Finish: Corrosion resistant
    • Reverse voltage: 50V
    • Typical voltage drop: 0.93V


    1N4007GPHE3/73; 1N4007G-T; 1N4007T; 

    How 1N4007 work?

    The 1N4007 is a general purpose diode from ON Semiconductor. It is widely used in rectifier and power supply applications. The small form factor of these diodes makes them ideal for space constrained applications. Following is a full bridge diode rectifier circuit which converts the AC voltage into DC voltage. The full bridge consists of 4 diodes which periodically switch during positive and negative half cycles of the AC voltage to produce a DC signal at the rectifier output.

    1N4007 application circuit

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