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    AH316M245001+T device package

    AH316M245001+T device package

    AH316M245001+T schematic symbol

    AH316M245001+T schematic symbol

    With the advances in the communication and RF technology, the sizes of communication devices are getting smaller at a very fast pace. Smart phones, Bluetooth earphones, navigation devices, and GPS systems are all examples of communication systems with small form factors. For these small form factor devices, miniature sized components are required. One of the most important components in any wireless communication or RF system is the antenna. There are many different types of antennas which come in many different sizes. However, with the advancements in microelectronics technology, the antennas can now be built into microchips. Such antennas are known as chip antennas and they are ideal for compact sized applications due to their small footprints. Such antennas are widely used in smart phones and WiFi routers. These small sized antennas can easily be integrated into PCBs and are also very cost effective.  

    What is AH316M245001+T?

    The AH316M245001+T is a miniature sized chip antenna developed by Taiyo Yuden. This miniature antenna is suitable for compact applications such as WLAN, Bluetooth, WiMAX and ZigBee devices. The AH316M245001+T antenna has a center frequency of 2450MHz. This antenna comes in a tape type packaging of 3000 units. The operating temperature range of this antenna is -40 to 85 degrees. The AH316M245001-T chip antenna is a simple device with only two terminals.

    Pin Configuration                            

    The AH316M245001+T chip antenna is a two terminal device. The first terminal is the input signal terminal whereas the second terminal is the ground terminal. 

    AH316M245001+T pinout

    AH316M245001+T pinout


    • Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • Miniature chip antenna
    • SMD technology
    • Frequency band: UHF
    • VSWR: 3
    • Gain: 1.9dBi
    • Terminals: 2
    • Package: RoHS Lead-free


    The application of the miniature chip antenna AH316M345001+T are listed as following:

    • Bluetooth devices and peripherals
    • WLAN routers and modems
    • WIFI routers and modems
    • ZigBee based communication systems
    • Smart phones and tablets
    • GPS navigation systems

    How AH316M245001+T work?

    The AH316M245001+T miniature chip antenna is an integrated microchip antenna which can be easily soldered on PCBs. This chip antenna is ideal for applications which have small form factor and which require low power consumption. The chip antenna is a UHF (ultra high frequency) device which has a center frequency of 2.4GHz. One of the popular applications of this chip antenna is the RF communication systems such as ZigBee which operate on 2.4GHz frequency.

    An application circuit consisting of AVR ATMEGA16 microcontroller, RF module and chip antenna can be viewed in the figure below:

    AH316M245001+T application circuit

    AH316M245001+T application circuit

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