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    CAT24C32WI-GT3 device package

    CAT24C32WI-GT3 schematic symbol

    In the past few decades, the electronics technology has seen unprecedented growth and advancement. From rudimentary analog devices of the 80s to the smart digital devices of today, memory chips have always been an integral component of the electronic systems. No electronic computing or embedded system can function without these memory chips. There are different types and categories of memories used in the electronic circuits. One of the most widely used memory type is the EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory). The EEPROMs are very commonly used in computers and reprogrammable embedded systems. The EEPROM is more commonly referred to as flash memory. The EEPROMs use serial interfaces like SPI and I2C for reading/writing of data. Most of the modern microcontrollers and SOCs have EEPROMs built into the same device package.

    What is CAT24C32WI-GT3?

    The CAT24C32WI-GT3 is a 32kB serial type I2C EEPROM developed by ON Semiconductor. This EEPROM is internally organized as 4096 x 8-bit and features a 32-byte page-write buffer. This memory chip supports Standard (100kHz), Fast (400kHz), and Fast Plus (1MHz+) I2C communication modes. A maximum of 8 CAT24C32WI-GT3 devices can be addressed on the same bus using the external address pins. The device supports 1 million program/erase cycles and has a data retention period of 100 years. The device package is Pb-free and Halogen-free.  

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the CAT24C32WI-GT3 serial I2C EEPROM is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    A0, A1, A2 Addressing pins
    SDA Serial data pin
    SCL Serial clock pin
    WP Wire protect pin
    Vcc Power supply pin
    Vss Ground pin


    • Support standard, fast and fast-plus I2C protocols
    • Voltage supply range of 1.7V to 5.5V
    • 32-byte page write buffer
    • Built in Hardware Write Protection
    • Schmitt triggers and noise filters on input pins
    • Low power consumption CMOS technology
    • 1,000,000 program/erase cycles
    • 100 year data retention
    • Extended temperature range
    • RoHS compliant packaging


    The applications of CAT24C32WI-GT3 serial EEPROM are provided as following:

    • Computer and laptops
    • Mobile phones and tablets
    • Handheld instruments
    • Telecom equipment
    • Televisions and set top boxes
    • Custom embedded applications


    The major technical specifications of the CAT24C32WI-GT3 serial EEPROM are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 8
    • Package: 8-pin SOIC
    • Input voltage range: 1.7V to 5.5V
    • Read current: 1mA
    • Write current: 2mA
    • Max clock frequency: 1MHz
    • Program/erase cycles: 1 million
    • Data retention: 100 years


    BR24S32FJ-WE2 , M24C32RMN3P/A , M24C32-DRMN5G; 

    How CAT24C32WI-GT3 work?

    The CAT24C32WI-GT3 is the serial I2C EEPROM manufactured by ON Semiconductor. This EEPROM chip supports standard, fast and fast-plus I2C modes. This EEPROM memory chip is widely used as a reprogrammable memory in smart phones, handheld electronics, consumer electronics, computers, and embedded systems. The EEPROM is typically interfaced to a microcontroller or a microprocessor for read/write operations within an embedded system. Following is the application circuit of CAT24C32WI-GT3 serial EEPROM interfaced with Arduino microcontroller board using I2C protocol.

    CAT24C32WI-GT3 application circuit

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