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    FAN7174IS5X device package

    FAN7174IS5X device package

    FAN7174IS5X schematic symbol

    FAN7174IS5X schematic symbol

    CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) is a technology which is very widely for the fabrication of digital and analog integrated circuits. This technology is used for the construction of microprocessors, microcontrollers, memory chips and other digital ICs. The CMOS technology is also used for the fabrication of analog circuits such as image sensors and RF circuits. Since operation amplifiers are an integral component of a large number of analog and digital circuits, hence it is essential to have the operational amplifiers which are compatible with CMOS logic circuits and signals. An operational amplifier is essentially differential voltage amplifying device. Operational amplifiers are extensively used in signal conditioning, filtering, buffering, referencing, instrumentation, and analog-to-digital conversion applications. The great advantage of op-amps is that they can be used in negative feedback configuration which makes them very useful for signal processing and control system applications.

    What is FAN4174IS5X?

    The FAN4174IS5X is a voltage feedback operational amplifier with CMOS inputs developed by ON Semiconductor. This CMOS amplifier only consumes a supply current of 200uA and provides an output current of 33mA. The amplifier is designed to work with 5V power supply. This CMOS amplifier has a frequency bandwidth of 3.7MHz and a slew rate of 3V/us. The major features of this CMOS amplifier include low power consumption, rail to rail performance, low voltage operation, and tiny footprint. This device is ideal for use as general purpose amplifier in industrial and consumer applications.    

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the FAN4174IS5X CMOS operational amplifier is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    IN+, IN- First set of inputs
    OUT Op-amp output
    Vs+ Positive power supply terminal
    Vs- Negative power supply terminal


    • 200uA supply current
    • 7MHz bandwidth
    • Output swing within 10mV of either rail
    • 3V/us slew rate
    • Low input voltage noise
    • SOT23-5 package
    • Operable by 5V batteries


    The applications of FAN4174IS5X CMOS operational amplifier are provided as following:

    • Motor control circuits
    • Battery powered electronics
    • USB data transfer circuits
    • Mobile communications and cell phones
    • Notebooks and PDAs
    • Sensor interfacing
    • A/D buffer amplifier
    • Active filtering and signal conditioning
    • Portable test instruments


    The major technical specifications of the FAN4174IS5X operational amplifier are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 5
    • Package: 5-pin SOT-23
    • Bandwidth: 3.7MHz
    • Slew rate: 3V/us
    • Input voltage: 5V
    • Supply current: 200uA
    • Operating temperature range: -40 to 125 degrees
    • Open loop gain: 102dB
    • PSRR: 73dB
    • CMRR: 65dB

    How FAN4174IS5X work?

    The FAN4174IS5X is a low-voltage low-cost CMOS operational amplifier from On Semiconductor. This CMOS compatible operational amplifier can be used in as a general-purpose amplifier in a wide range of digital and analog circuits. The power and current consumption of this amplifier are also very low. This amplifier is mostly used in negative feedback configuration in filtering, signal conditioning, instrumentation and control circuits. The typical negative feedback configuration circuit of this amplifier is shown in the figure below:

    FAN4174IS5X application circuit

    FAN4174IS5X application circuit

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