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    IRF520NPBF device package

    IRF520NPBF schematic symbol

    The electronics revolution started in the true sense with the invention of the transistor. Further advancements in the transistor technology gave birth to the integrated circuits. These transistors and ICs form the backbone of virtually every electronic system present in the world today. With the passage of time many different types of transistors came into existence such as BJTs and MOSFETs. One major field of engineering which sprung out of semiconductors is the power electronics. Power MOSFETs are used as high frequency switches in power electronic converters and inverters. MOSFET stands for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. Power MOSFETs can handle high voltages at high switching speeds. Power MOSFETs are the most widely used semiconductor switches in the world and are widely used in inverters, rectifiers, motor drives and DC choppers. As opposed to BJTs, MOSFETs are voltage controlled devices.

    What is IRF520NPBF?

    The IRF520NPBF is a 5th generation HEXFET power MOSFET from International Rectifier. Due to advanced manufacturing process the MOSFET exhibits very low on-state resistance. The low resistance and fast switching speed render IRF520NPBF very efficient and reliable for power electronic applications. The device comes in TO-220 package which is ideal for low power devices. These generic power MOSFETs are suitable for applications like motor drivers, inverters, choppers, SMPS, and rectifiers.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the IRF520NPBF power MOSFET is given in the table below:

    Pin Number Pin name Pin description
    1 Gate Gate for control of the device.
    2 Source Source terminal of the MOSFET
    3 Drain Drain terminal of the MOSFET


    • Advanced process technology
    • Low on-state resistance
    • Dynamic dv/dt rating
    • Fast switching
    • Fully avalanche rated
    • Lead-free package


    The applications of IRF520NPBF power MOSFET are provided as following:

    • Variable frequency drives
    • Motor control drives
    • DC-DC choppers
    • Inverters
    • Switch mode power supplies
    • Power electronic converters


    The major technical specifications of the IRF520NPBF power MOSFET are provided as following:

    • Drain to source voltage: 100Vdc
    • On resistance: 0.20 Ohm
    • Drain current: 9.7A
    • Power dissipation: 48W
    • Diode forward voltage: 1.3V
    • Package: Lead-free TO-220


    IRF520A_NL; IRF520A; 2SK1427; 

    How IRF520NPBF work?

    The IRF520NPBF is a 5th generation power MOSFET from International Rectifier. This device has a rated voltage of 100Vdc and can provide high frequency switching operation with high efficiency. These power MOSFETs are widely used in power electronic converters, inverters, power supplies, and motor controllers.

    An application circuit consisting of MOSFET based pump controller is shown in the figure below:

    IRF520NPBF application circuit

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