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    LMV324IDR device package

    LMV324IDR device package

    LMV324IDR schematic symbol

    LMV324IDR schematic symbol

    Operational amplifiers are perhaps the most versatile, important, and widely used components in analog electronic circuits. The construction of analog electronic circuits cannot be imagined without operational amplifiers. An operational amplifier is essentially differential voltage amplifying device. When used with different combinations of capacitors, resistors, transistors, and other electronic devices, there are literally hundreds of op-amp based circuits which can be formed. Operational amplifiers are extensively used in signal conditioning, filtering, buffering, referencing, instrumentation, and analog-to-digital conversion applications. The great advantage of op-amps is that they can be used in negative feedback configuration which makes them very useful for signal processing and control system applications.

    What is LMV324IDR?

    The LMV324IDR is a quad low-voltage operational amplifier IC with rail to rail output swing developed by Texas Instruments. These operational amplifiers are ideal for applications which are space constrained, cost sensitive and low voltage operation. The LMV324IDR has performance specifications which exceed LM324. These ICs also feature ESD protection and low power shutdown mode. These general purpose operational amplifiers can be used in a wide range of applications.     

    Pin Configuration                            

    The pin configuration of the LMV324IDR operational amplifier is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    IN1+, IN1- First set of inputs
    IN2+, IN2- Second set of inputs
    IN3+, IN3- Third set of inputs
    IN4+, IN4- Fourth set of inputs
    OUTPUT1 First op-amp output
    OUTPUT2 Second op-amp output
    OUTPUT3 Third op-amp output
    OUTPUT4 Fourth op-amp output
    V+ Positive power supply terminal
    V- Negative or ground power supply terminals
    NC Not connected


    • Wide input voltage range from 5V to 30V
    • 410uA supply current
    • Low power shutdown mode
    • No crossover distortion
    • Rail to rail output swing
    • High ESD protection rating
    • SOIC package


    The applications of LMV324IDR operational amplifier are provided as following:

    • Server power supply units
    • Switch mode power supplies and mobile chargers
    • BLDC, AC induction, PMDC and stepper motor controllers
    • PC motherboard circuits
    • Portable media players
    • HVAC and heating applications
    • Washing machines
    • Refrigerators and deep freezers
    • Pro audio mixers
    • Telecom DC-DC converter modules
    • Uninterruptable power supplies
    • Programmable logic controllers
    • Electronic point-of-sale systems


    The major technical specifications of the LMV324IDR operational amplifier are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 14
    • Package: 14-pin SOIC
    • Input voltage range: 5V to 30V
    • Typical supply current: 260uA
    • Unity gain bandwidth: 1.0MHz
    • Low input offset voltage: 1.7mV
    • Gain margin: 10dB
    • Phase margin: 60 degrees
    • Supply voltage rejection ratio: 60dB
    • Operating junction temperature: 150 degrees
    • ESD rating: 2500V (Human Body Model)
    • CMMR: 63dB


    LMV324QDQ1, LMV324QDRQ1 , LMV324QDG4Q1;  

    How LMV324IDR work?

    The LMV324IDR is a quad-package low-voltage low-cost operational amplifier from Texas Instruments. This is an excellent general-purpose operational amplifier which is widely used in low-voltage analog applications. These op-amps are used in a variety of different applications. Common applications include control circuits, signal processing circuits, audio circuits, instrumentation circuits and A/D converter circuits. Following is an LMV324IDR based application circuit which is a cell phone detector circuit. This circuit is able to detect the presence of a cell phone from a distance of 10-20 meters. This circuit can be effectively used for locating a lost mobile phone.

    LMV324IDR application circuit

    LMV324IDR application circuit

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