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    MAX3362 device package

    MAX3362 device package

    MAX3362 schematic symbol

    MAX3362 schematic symbol

    RS-485 and RS-232 are the dominant serial communications standards which are widely used in industries and consumer electronics. In these serial digital communication systems, transceivers are the most important subsystems which are responsible for the sending and receiving of the digital data between different device nodes.

    What is MAX3362EKA+T?

    The MAX3362 is a low-power high-speed transceiver for RS-485/RS-232 based communication systems developed by MAXIM Integrated. The device package consists of a line-driver and receiver. The transceiver operates at data rates up to 20Mbps and requires a 3.3V power supply for its operation. The driver and receiver propagation delays are guaranteed to be less than 50ns. The fast switching frequency and low skew rate makes the MAX3362 ideal for multi-drop clock/data distribution applications. The device also offers a low power shutdown mode. The MAX3362 allows a maximum of 256 transceivers on the serial bus. 

    Pin Configuration

    The pin description of the MAX3362 is provided in the following table:

    Pin type Number of pins
    1 – RO RO stands for receiver output. This pin is high if the receiver input differential is greater than 200mV and the status of RE is low.
    2 – RE RE stands for receiver output enable. When the status of RE is low, RO is enabled and vice versa.
    3 – DE DE stands for driver output enable. When the status of DE is high then the driver outputs are enabled. When the status of RE is high and DE is low, then the system enters low power shutdown mode.
    4 – DI DI is driver input. This pin is used for changing the status of inverting and non-inverting outputs.
    5 – GND Power supply ground pin.
    6 – A Non-inverting receiver input and non-inverting driver output.
    7 – B Inverting receiver input and inverting driver output.
    8 – Vcc 3.3V supply voltage pin.


    • Maximum data rate of 20Mbps
    • Maximum transmitter and receiver skew of 6ns
    • Common mode range of -7V to +12V
    • Hot swapping capability
    • Up to 256 transceivers on the bus
    • Half duplex operation
    • Operable at +5V logic signals
    • Operating voltage of 3.3V
    • Operating current of 1.7mA
    • Low power shutdown mode
    • Compact 8-pin SOT package


    The common applications of MAX3362 transceiver are listed as following:

    • Clock/data distribution applications
    • Telecommunication equipment and networks
    • Security equipment and applications
    • Point-of-sales equipment
    • Serial bus communication for industrial controls


    The technical specifications of the MAX3362 are provided as following:

    • Power supply voltage: 3V
    • Supply current: 1.7mA
    • Shutdown mode current: 1uA
    • Thermal shutdown temperature: 150oC
    • Propagation delay: 50ns
    • Maximum data rate: 20Mbps
    • Package: 8SOT23
    • Common mode range: -7V to 12V
    • Maximum transceivers on the bus: 256
    • Driver output skew: 6ns


    ISL3178EIBZ-T , ISL83078EIBZA-T , ISL83078EIBZ; 

    How MAX3362EKA+T work?

    The MAX3362 is a high speed transceiver chip which is intended to be used in RS-422/RS-485 multi-point serial communication systems. The built in line driver and receiver in the package are used for send and receiving the bidirectional digital data on the serial bus.

    The typical application circuit is given as following:

    MAX3362 application circuit

    MAX3362 application circuit

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