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    MC7805ACD2TG device package

    MC7805ACD2TG device package

    MC7805ACD2TG schematic symbol

    MC7805ACD2TG schematic symbol

    The modern electronic circuits and devices require low level DC voltages for their operation. The low DC voltage operation enables these devices to be battery powered, portable, and small-sized. The typical operating voltage range of such electronic devices is 3.3VDC to 5VDC. Often there is a requirement of providing the DC voltage to the circuit using AC main power supply. In such cases, rectifiers, capacitors, and voltage regulators are used for the power conversion and stepping down of AC voltage. The high ripple content in the output DC voltage of the rectifier degrades the power quality. A filter capacitor is used to eliminate the voltage ripple however some ripple content still exists even after filtering. Hence, a voltage regulator IC is used to obtain a stable and ripple-free DC voltage. This ripple-free DC output is then provided to the electronic loads such as microcontrollers and LCDs.

    What is MC7805ACD2TG?

    The MC7805ACD2TG is an integrated fixed-voltage monolithic regulator manufactured by ON Semiconductor. This general-purpose voltage regulator can be used in a number of applications including on-card regulation and elimination of distribution problems. The regulator is capable of delivering an output current of 1.0+ ampere. The internal current limiter and thermal shut-down circuitry provides overload protection. When used in conjunction with external components, these regulators can be used in variable power supply circuits. For higher current outputs, the regulator should be used with a heat sink to avoid burn-out.

    Pin Configuration                            

    The pin configuration of the MC7805ACD2TG voltage regulator is given in the table below:

    Pin name Pin description
    Common Ground pin
    Input Supply input
    Output Voltage output


    • 3 terminal device
    • Stable 5V DC output
    • Output current up to 1.0A
    • Internal thermal overload protection
    • High power dissipation capability
    • Internal current limiter for short circuits
    • Output transistor safe-area compensation
    • No need for output capacitors
    • Lead free packaging


    The applications of MC7805ACD2TG voltage regulator are provided as following:

    • On card regulation
    • Voltage regulation in portable devices
    • Computer and server power supplies
    • Power supplies in communication equipment
    • Power supply in embedded system hardware


    The major technical specifications of the MC7805ACD2TG are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 3
    • Max output current: 1.0A
    • Output voltage: 5VDC
    • Maximum input voltage: 35V
    • Operating junction temperature: 150OC
    • ESD rating: 3000 V (Human Body Model)
    • Ripple rejection: 83dB
    • Short circuit output current: 600mA
    • Peak output current: 2.2A


    L7805C-D2TR, L7805CD2TL7805ABD2T

    How MC7805ACD2TG work?

    The MC7805ACD2TG is a general-purpose voltage regulator which is used very commonly in power supply circuits. One of the most common 7805 based circuit is the full wave diode rectifier power supply. In this power supply, the first stage is a power transformer which steps down 220/120VAC to 5VAC. The 2nd stage in the circuit is the diode rectifier which converts the 5VAC to 5VDC. The 3rd stage in the circuit is the 7805 regulator which removes the ripple from the converted DC voltage and provides a stable DC voltage at the output.

    The application circuit of this power supply can be seen in the figure below:

    MC7805ACD2TG application circuit

    MC7805ACD2TG application circuit

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