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    MCP9808-E-MS device package

    MCP9808-E-MS schematic symbol

    Sensors play a very important role in industrial and consumer electronic equipment. They serve as the eyes and ears of any electronic system. There are hundreds of different types of sensors available for a wide range of applications. One of the most widely used types of sensors is the temperature sensor. Temperature measurement is of critical importance in applications like HVAC systems, boiler systems, medical applications, automotives, power supplies and industrial control systems. With the advent of IOT (internet of things) the importance of sensors has increased manifold. Sensors play a crucial role in the implementation of any IOT system. In the coming future temperature as well as other sensors are going to be rampantly used in IOT and smart home applications.

    What is MCP9808-E/MS?

    The MCP9808-E/MS is a high accuracy digital temperature sensor from MICROCHIP Corporation. This sensor chip converts temperature in the range of -20 to 100 degrees, into a digital word with high accuracy. The device consists of user programmable registers which can be used for temperature alerts, critical output alerts, shut down and low power modes. The sensor can be interfaced to a microcontroller using 400 kHz 2-wire SMBus / I2C interface. Multiple temperature sensors can be placed on a single bus which makes it possible to control them using a single processor. All of these features make this device ideal for high accuracy, multi-zone temperature monitoring applications.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the MCP9808-E/MS digital temperature sensor is given in the table below:

    Pin number Pin name Pin description
    1 SDA Serial data pin
    2 SCL Serial clock pin
    3 ALERT Over-temperature alert pin
    4 GND Ground pin
    5 A2 Slave address pin 2
    6 A1 Slave address pin 1
    7 A0 Slave address pin 0
    8 Vdd Power supply pin


    • High accuracy temperature sensing
    • User selectable measurement resolution
    • User programmable temperature limits
    • User programmable temperature alert output
    • Typical operating current of 200uA
    • Typical shutdown current of 0.1uA
    • 2-wire interface: I2C/SMBus compatible


    The applications of MCP9808-E/MS temperature sensor are provided as following:

    • Battery powered applications
    • Industrial freezers and refrigerators
    • Food processing units
    • Personal computers and servers
    • Power supply temperature monitoring
    • Computer peripheral thermal protection
    • Thermostat controls
    • Industrial control applications


    The major technical specifications of the MCP9808-E/MS sensor are provided as following:

    • Operating voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V
    • Typical operating current: 200uA
    • Typical shutdown current: 0.1uA
    • Maximum junction temperature: 150o
    • ESD protection: 4000V (HBM)
    • Clock frequency: 400kHz

    How MCP9808-E/MS work?

    The MCP9808-E/MS is a high accuracy digital temperature sensor from MICROCHIP Corporation. The alert output and the low-power/sleep modes are programmable. Multiple sensors can be placed on a bus which allows a single microcontroller to control all the sensors. The sensor can be interfaced to the microcontroller using 400 kHz I2C 2-Wire interface. This sensor is widely used in industrial and consumer temperature control applications.

    The application circuit of MCP9808-E/MS is provided in the figure below:

    MCP9808-E-MS application circuit

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