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    Figure 1 TA0536A

    Figure 2 TA0536A Foot-Print

    Figure 3 TA0536A Functional Block Diagram

    What is TA0536A?

    The TA0536A is a type of SAW filter for the transmit and receive sections of wireless communication. SAW filters operate by converting electrical energy into acoustic or mechanical energy on a piezoelectric material. To do so these filters uses interdigital transducers (IDTs). The IDTs converts an electrical signal into an acoustic wave and then back to an electrical signal.

    TA0536A is basically a bandpass filter and widely used in wireless communications. Pin configuration of TA0536A is provided in TABLE.1.

    Table 1 Pin Configuration

    Pin Number Label Description
    B Input Provide the signal which require filtration to this pin
    E Output Get the filtered output from this pin
    A, F, C, D Gnd Ground


    • High attenuation
    • Low Loss
    • Excellent power handling
    • Single-ended operation



    Figure 4 Characteristics-A

    Figure 5 Characteristics-B

    As the center frequency of TA0536A 1.3 GHz hence, characteristics-A shows minimum attenuation at and near 1.3 GHz for point 2 and 3. Whereas 1 and 4 shows boundary conditions where attenuation is sufficient to suppress the side band frequencies. In characteristics-B variable frequency from 0.01 MHz to 3000 MHz is provided. Point 2 in Fig.5 shows that 1.3 GHz is passed through the filter whereas other frequencies get suppressed.

    2-D VIEW OF TA0536A

    Figure 6 2-D View TA0536A

    How TA0536A work?

    Figure 7 TA0536A as Bandpass Filter

    Figure 7 TA0536A as Bandpass Filter

    As shown in Fig.7, TA0636A can be used as bandpass filter.  Variable frequency source is provided as the input of TA0636A. Input/output side Inductor and capacitor are connected as matching network. For operation at 50 Ω matching network is not required in case of TA0536A.

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