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    TMP102AIDRLT device package

    TMP102AIDRLT schematic symbol

    Sensors play a very important role in industrial and consumer electronic equipment. They serve as the eyes and ears of any electronic system. There are hundreds of different types of sensors available for a wide range of applications. One of the most widely used type of sensors is the temperature sensor. Temperature measurement is of critical importance in applications like HVAC systems, boiler systems, medical applications, automotives, and industrial control systems. With the advent of IOT (internet of things) the importance of sensors has increased manifold. Sensors play a crucial role in the implementation of any IOT system. In the coming future temperature as well as other sensors are going to be rampantly used in IOT and smart home applications.

    What is TMP102AIDRLT?

    The TMP102AIDRLT is a low power digital temperature sensor developed by Texas Instruments. This high accuracy sensor is ideal for applications where NTC/NPC thermistor replacement is required. This digital sensor does not need external components for signal conditioning and calibration. The sensors exhibit a highly linear temperature characteristic and do not require complex calculations or lookup tables for temperature derivation. The IC also features a 12-bit on-board ADC. The device package has significantly smaller footprint which render it ideal for space constrained applications. The production units for this sensor are NIST-traceable and qualify the ISO/IEC 17025 qualification. This general purpose digital temperature sensor is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer applications.

    Pin Configuration

    The pin configuration of the TMP102AIDRLT digital temperature sensor is given in the table below:

    Pin number Pin name Pin description
    1 SCL Serial clock pin
    2 GND Ground pin
    3 ALERT Over-temperature alert
    4 ADD0 Address select pin
    5 V+ Supply voltage
    6 SDA Serial data


    • SOT-563 compact package
    • High accuracy without calibration
    • Low quiescent current
    • 12 bit ADC resolution
    • SMBUS, I2C and 2-Wire compatibility
    • NIST traceable


    The applications of TMP102AIDRLT temperature sensor are provided as following:

    • Battery powered applications
    • Power supply temperature monitoring
    • Computer peripheral thermal protection
    • Battery management in laptops and notebooks
    • Office equipment
    • Thermostat controls
    • Industrial control applications
    • Medical instrumentation


    The major technical specifications of the TMP102AIDRLT thermometer are provided as following:

    • Terminals: 6
    • Package: 6-pin SOT-563
    • Supply voltage: 4V
    • Max junction temperature: 150 degrees
    • ESD rating: 2000V (HBM)
    • Input current: 1uA

    How TMP102AIDRLT work?

    The TMP102AIDRLT is a high accuracy digital temperature sensor from Texas Instruments. The sensor package includes a 12-bit ADC and is NIST-traceable. This sensor does not require any external calibration or signal conditioning components. The SOT-563 package is 68% smaller than the SOT-23 package which makes it ideal for space constrained applications. The sensor can be interfaced to the microcontroller using I2C and 2-Wire interface. This sensor is widely used in industrial and consumer temperature control applications.

    The application circuit of TMP102AIDRLT is provided in the figure below:

    TMP102AIDRLT application circuit

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