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    What is TMP36GT9Z?

    TMP36 are mainly low voltage surface mount sensor used for high precision centigrade temperature. While operating, the sensor generates a voltage output to measure temperature. There is no need to calibrate the TMP36 sensor with an external method for maintaining accuracies.

    TMP36 simply interface with temperature control circuitry and ADCs because of its low output impedance, linear voltage output and precise built-in calibration. Minimum required supply voltages are 2.7V and 5.5V maximum. 50uA of supply current flows through the sensor causing a slightly minor self-heating which is not greater than 0.1°C in the motionless air. Additionally, the sensor shutdown automatically to cut the passing supply current to less than 0.5uA.

    Functionally TMP36 is compatible with the LM50, specifying itself from−40°C to +125°C, delivering an output of 750 mV at 25°C and measures temperature till 125°C with a single 2.7V supply and 10 mV/°C output scale factor.

    If TMP36 is connected thermally and fully protected, it can be implemented in any temperature measurement exercise within the maximum temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The temperature sensor is 0.01°C of the surface temperature if correctly glued or cemented with the medium. To avoid corrosion and leakage, the sensor, as well as the connected circuitry, should be dry and insulated.

    Pin Configuration

    Pin No Pin Name Pin Description
    1 +Vs Input Supply voltages
    2 Vout The output of the Sensor
    3 GND Ground Pin


    • Operate at low voltage (2.7V to 5.5V)
    • Directly calibration in °C
    • The scale factor of 10 mV/°C
    • Built-in accuracy over the temperature of ±2°C
    • High stability with a large capacitive load
    • Linearity characteristic of ±0.5°C
    • In a rest condition current less than 50uA
    • Fixed to measure -40°C to +125°C but operates till +150°C
    • A minor self-heating
    • Maximum 0.5uA shutdown current
    • Meets the requirements for automotive applications


    TMP35 And TMP37 are equalvent to the TMP36 temparature sensor.

    MCP9701A, DHT11, TC1047, MCP9701, MCP9700A, TC1046, LM35, LM45 and MCP9700 components can be used as alternative to TMP36 temparature sensor.

    How TMP36GT9Z work?

    The temperature sensor is also used in most of the industrial and commercial places where an average or differential temperature is to be measured with additional circuitry attached to it. The figure below shows an OP193 amplifier use the output of TMP35/TMP36/TMP37 sensors as its input and provide average temperature.

    To calculate the difference between the temperature a difference amplifier OP193 with the pair of TMP36 is used, one temperature sensor measures temperature below than the other one to provide temperature measurement of two different location show in figure below

    Normally, the these sensors are operated in high ambient noise industrial environment where the output voltages generated can be harmed causing fluctuation. So, the voltages are converted into current to transmit to the receiver. The sensor is not designed for high current applications hence a standard PNP transistor is used to boost up the output current value of the circuit as shown in figure below.

    The other way to transmit the analogue information from the remote environments is to convert it into frequency domain. This can be done using low-cost voltage to frequency converters as shown in figure below. TMP35/TMP36/TMP37 have high capacity to bear capacitive loads up-to 10,000 pF avoiding any type of oscillation. The temperature sensor provides long term stability delivering a better experience.


    • Control Systems for environments
    • Thermal protection of devices and machines
    • Setting Fire alarms
    • Industrial Process Control
    • Power System monitors
    • Thermal Management of CPU


    Outline dimension of 3pin TMP36GT9Z temparature sensor:

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