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    4500 series chip function


    Model device name Remarks CD45014 input double AND gate and 2 input or non-gate CD4502 optional pass three state output six inverting / buffer CD4503 six in-phase tristate buffer CD4504 six voltage converter CD4506 dual two group 2 input expandableNOR gate CD4508 dual 4-bit latch D-type trigger CD4510 can preset BCD code plus / minus counter CD4511Counter CD4519 four-bit or selector CD4520 dual 4-bit binary synchronization plus counter CD452124 class divider CD4522 pre-set BCD sync 1 / n counter CD4526 pre-set 4 bit binary sync 1 / n counter CD4527BCD proportional multiplier CD4528 double singleSteady-state trigger CD4529 dual four-way / single eight-way analog switch CD4530 double 5 lose/High current driver CD4549 function approximation register CD4551 four 2 channel analog switch CD4553 three bit BCD counter CD4555 double binary four select one decoder / splitter CD4556 double binary four select one decoder / splitter CD4558BCD eight segment decoder CD4560″N” BCD Adder CD4561 “9” Compensator CD4573 Four Programmable Operation


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