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    An example of a representative embedded system?


    II (Micro Control Operation System Two) is a ROM-based, croppable, preemptive, real-time multitasking kernel with high portability, especially suitable for microprocessors and controllers, and is owned and operated by many businesses.The system performance is comparable to the real-time operating system.A core program with a Chinese system and a graphical interface can also be less than 1 MB and is equally stable.

    In addition, it is compatible with most UNIX systems, and application development and porting is fairly easy.The vast majority of applications can be used on the Windows CE platform simply by modifying and porting them.xWorks provides a fast and flexible ANSI C compatible I/O system.xWorks includes the following drivers: network driver, pipe driver, RAM disk drive, SCSI driver, keyboard driver, display driver, disk drive, parallel port driver, etc.


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