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    Brief description of the active array structure?


    For a single-tube RRAM memory device, when the RRAM resistive memory is switched from a high-impedance state to a low-impedance state, a limiting current is usually applied across the device.In order to realize the current limiting of the RRAM memory device during the transition from the high resistance state to the low resistance state, the limiting current can be controlled by an external transistor or an external Resistors.When an external Resistors is used, the size of the external Resistors cannot be changed.In our commonly used semiconductor test instrument Keithley 4200 (Keithley 4200-SCS), a transistor is built in for current limiting. However, in this way, current limiting is also performed, that is, when the current limit is small.(<1mA),Normally, the magnitude of the reset current is determined by the value of the low-resistance Resistors. The larger the resistance of the low-impedance state, the smaller the reset current required to convert it back to the high-impedance state.According to Ohm’s law, the limiting current is smaller.The resistance value of the low resistance state should be larger.Therefore, whether the transistor built in the test instrument or the external transistor can not avoid the influence of the parasitic capacitance on the current, in the case of small current limit, the parasitic capacitance has a greater influence on the current, resulting in the current limiting effect.


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