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  • Briefly describe decision support issues based on perceptual information?

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    Briefly describe decision support issues based on perceptual information?


    Since the mid-1970s, Kenn and Scott Morton have created the term “decision support system” (DSS). As a new type of computer information system for management, Dss has developed rapidly.In the 21st century, DSS research will continue to be very prosperous.Current research on DSS focuses on group/organization decision support systems (GDSS/ODSS), distributed decision support systems (DDSS), intelligent decision support systems (IDSS), and decision support systems based on new technologies.The purpose of the group decision support system is to provide a working environment for group decision-makers beyond time and space constraints, and to provide a systematic approach to systematically guide information exchange methods, agendas, discussion forms, resolutions, etc.

    to improve the effectiveness of group decision-making.The distributed decision support system is mainly applicable to a kind of organizational decision or distribution decision that is necessary for the decision process, or some important decision factors are dispersed in a larger scope of activities.Nevertheless, distributed decision support systems still rely mainly on computers, relying on quantitative models, methods and other means to assist decision-making.


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