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    How capacitors and inductors work


    In general, both the capacitor and the inductor must be used together. The inductor has functions such as boosting and energy storage, and the capacitor is a professional energy storage, which is indispensable.The effect will vary with the direction of the voltage, and the charge will change constantly. The current will change, and it will be charged as if the current passed through the capacitor. This is the coupling. Because the capacity of the capacitor is different for the current at different frequencies.

    The impedance is the choice of signals at different frequencies, resulting in filtering and bypassing. The tuning loop is capacitor andIt causes resonance, which is called resonance. It can be used for frequency selection and tuning and filtering. What happens in this loop is the potential energy (in the inductor), the electric field energy (in the capacitor). The electric field energy (in the capacitor)Change the potential energy (in the inductor). The delay is to use the string Resistors in the capacitor charging loop to limit the charging current. It takes time to fully charge the capacitor.


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