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    How do you compare the performance of fuses and circuit breakers?


    The protection performance and other characteristics of the fuse and the circuit breaker are compared. The circuit breaker is described in two categories: non-selective type and selective type.1 fuses

    (1) fuses of the main advantages and features 1 selectivity is good.High breaking capacity; 3 relatively small size; 4 price is cheaper.Of course, it can be compensated by a fuse with an alarm signal, one phase can be disconnected from the three phases; 4 can not be remotely controlled, and it is possible to combine with the electric knife switch and switch.Each of them performs their duties; 3 remote control can be realized with an electric operating mechanism.Will make the breaking ability insufficient.Products with high breaking capacity can now be met, but at a higher price.The protection sensitivity is extremely high, the adjustment of various parameters is convenient, and it is easy to meet various protection requirements of the distribution line.

    2) The main problem 1 is very expensive, so it should only be used at the head line of the distribution line and the main line of the special important place; 2 size is large.For more information please log in


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