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    How does the cookie data move?


    Cookie data is simply a name/value pair that the website stores on your hard drive.This is true for all cookie data.The website stores this data and receives it later.A website can only receive data stored on its computer, and the website cannot view any other cookies or any other content on the computer.For example, if you type the URL http://www.amazon.com into your browser, the browser will contact Amazon’s server and request its home page.When the browser does the above, it looks for a cookie file set by Amazon on your computer.Amazon can use name/value pairs if they are received.

    If you don’t receive any name/value pairs, Amazon will know that you have never visited the site before.The server can also send some other information along with the name/value pairs, including the expiration date.Another piece of information is the path (so that the website can associate different cookie values with different parts of the website).You can control the entire process.


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