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    How is the network structured in LTE technology?


    While the 3GPP LTE access network can effectively support the new physical layer transmission technology, it also needs to meet the requirements of low latency, low complexity and low cost.The original network structure is obviously unable to meet the requirements and needs to be adjusted and evolved.Based on the original functions of the NodeB, the NodeB adds the physical layer, MAC layer, scheduling, access control, bearer control, mobility management, RRC and inter-cell RRM functions of the RNC, using basic transmission technology and multiple access.technology.

    While OFDM is selected as the basic transmission technology of the physical layer, there are still differences in the specific implementation of OFDM: since the peak level of the uplink is relatively large, there is a high demand for the lifetime and power consumption of the terminal, and thus it is recommended to adopt low uplink.Single-carrier technology with peak-to-peak ratio; in addition,


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