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    How to choose a car power amplifier?


    There are many types of power amplifiers for vehicles on the market, and the classification methods are also complicated.The most common are divided into: type A, type B and type AB according to the way of working.The power amplifier of the class cancels the “buffering effect” mentioned above. The operation of the amplifier is always in a timely state, but the sound quality is worse than the former.When purchasing a power amplifier, first pay attention to some of its technical indicators: 1, input impedance: usually indicates the size of the power amplifier’s anti-interference ability, generally 5000 ~ 15000 Ω, the greater the value represents the stronger anti-interference ability; 2Distortion: refers to the degree of distortion of the output signal compared to the input signal.In addition, when purchasing a power amplifier, you must also specify your willingness to purchase. If you want to install a subwoofer, it is best to buy a 5-channel amplifier. Usually 2-channel and 4-channel speakers can only push the front and rear speakers.The subwoofer can only be equipped with another amplifier, and the 5-channel amplifier can solve this problem.


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