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    How to identify the type of feedback circuit?


    First, find out where the feedback components are. All components common to both the input and output loops are feedback components, all of which are feedback components. The feedback components can be either active or passive.Judging positive feedback and negative feedback usually adopts the instantaneous polarity method, that is, the polarity of the input signal at a certain time, and then the path along the forward direction of the amplifier and the path of the reverse transmission of the feedback network are marked step by step.

    The instantaneous polarity of the voltage, and then the change is determined. Any decrease in the net input signal is negative feedback; otherwise,The feedback type can be judged according to the characteristics of sampling and summation: when the load is short-circuited (ie, Vo=0), if the feedback information disappears, it is voltage feedback; otherwise, if the feedback signal still exists, it is current feedback;When the feedback network is connected in series to the input loop,


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