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    How to measure the quality of the triode


    (1) Check the two PN junctions of the triode.Let us take the PNP tube as an example to illustrate that a PNP-type triode has the same structure as two diodes, and the anode is connected to the cathode.We first use the multimeter R × 100 or R × 1K to measure the forward and reverse resistance between e and b and between e and c.

    (2) Check the penetration current of the triode: We call the reverse resistance between the transistors c and e as the penetration current.Use the multimeter red pen to connect the collector c of the PNP transistor. The black pen is connected to the emitter e. Look at the indication value of the watch. This resistance should be greater than a few thousand ohms. The larger the better, the smaller the stability of the transistor.The external Resistors can also be replaced by a human body Resistors, that is, pinching b and c by hand.


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