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    How to remove the Integrated Circuits(ICs) block


    In the circuit maintenance, it is often necessary to remove the Integrated Circuits(ICs) from the printed circuit board. Since the Integrated Circuits(ICs) pins are dense and dense, it is difficult to disassemble, and sometimes the Integrated Circuits(ICs) and the circuit board are damaged.Here are a few examples of effective Integrated Circuits(ICs) disassembly methods for your reference.l Suction tin suction disassembly method.When disassembling the integrated block, just put the heated dual-purpose soldering iron tip on the pin of the integrated block to be disassembled, and after the solder is melted, the tin is sucked into the fine tin, and the solder of all the pins is sucked and the integrated block isCan be taken off.l Medical hollow needle removal method.Take a few medical needles 8 to 12 hollow needles.The electric iron brush is used in conjunction with the disassembly method.This method is simple and easy, as long as there is a soldering iron and a small brush.When disassembling the integrated block, first heat the soldering iron. After the soldering temperature is reached, the solder on the lead is melted, and the melted solder is swept away with a brush.This allows the pins of the manifold to be separated from the printed board.This method is a trouble-free method. As long as some solder is added to the pins of the integrated block to be removed, the solder joints of each column of pins are connected, so as to facilitate heat transfer and easy disassembly.It is to use a multi-strand copper core plastic wire to remove the plastic outer skin and use a multi-strand copper wire (a short wire head can be used).Simply suck the solder and use a tweezers or a small “one” screwdriver to gently remove it. The integrated block can be removed.


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