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    In the RFID positioning, what are the two main methods?


    In RFID positioning, it is mainly divided into two categories: triangulation and scene perception.Triangulation uses a multi-point collaboration method to locate by elements such as distance and angle.The scene perception method interprets the positioning information by pre-study or real-time reaction of radio signal features in the entire scene.In the TOA method, three base points are used as reference points, and the area circle indicating the possible existence is drawn by the distance between the 日-like Japanese standard and each base point, and the three-circle intersection is the estimated position of 曰铄.The OA method is more based on the perspective of the target and the base point.In this method, each base point can measure the azimuth angle information of the target and itself, and the intersection information of the plurality of base points is the position estimation area of the target.In the reference node method, the target is compared with the reference node set by radio feature mapping by appropriately deploying the reference node in the scene, thereby performing positioning.In the scene fingerprinting method, the radio feature fingerprint information of each reference point in the scene is collected in advance, and then the positioning is performed.


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