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    Model name of capacitor and method of marking capacitor


    The model name of the capacitor is as follows:

    1) The model names of capacitors in various countries are not uniform. The naming of domestic capacitors consists of four parts: the first part: the name is represented by letters, and the capacitor is C.The second part: the material is represented by letters.Part III: Classification by numbers.The fourth part: the serial number is represented by a number.The nominal allowable deviation is also the same as the resistance representation.For capacitors less than 10pF, the allowable deviation is replaced by a letter: B – ± 0.1pF, C – ± 0.2pF, D – ± 0.5pF, F – ± 1pF.

    (3) Color standard method: the same as the resistance, the unit is generally pF.The first item: the category is represented by letters: the second item: its shape, structure, packaging method, lead start and relationship with the axis are represented by two digits.The meanings are as follows: serial number color temperature coefficient allow deviation number letter color temperature coefficient allowable deviation 1A gold 10012R yellow-2202B gray 3013S green-3303C black 014T blue-4704G±3015U purple-7505H brown -30±6016V-10006J±12017W-15007K±25018X-22008L red-80±50019Y-33009M±1The fifth item: the nominal capacity, expressed by three digits, the first two digits are valid values, and the third is a power of ten.When there is a decimal, it is represented by R or P.The unit of a common capacitor is pF, and the unit of an electrolytic capacitor is uF.Item 6: Allowable deviation.Expressed in one letter, the meaning is the same as that of a domestic capacitor.


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