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    Ohmic resistance function


    There are probably the following functions:

    1 as a jumper.This is both beautiful and easy to install.

    2 In a hybrid circuit such as digital and analog, two grounds are often required to be separated and connected at a single point.We can connect the two grounds with a 0 ohm Resistors instead of directly connecting them together.Since the fuse current of the trace on the PCB is large, if a fault such as a short circuit or an overcurrent occurs, it is difficult to blow, which may cause a larger accident.However, it is not recommended to use this, but some manufacturers will use this in order to save costs.4 The location reserved for debugging.You can decide whether to install, or other values, as needed.Sometimes it will be marked with *, which is determined by the time of debugging.5 is used as a configuration circuit.


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