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    Performance characteristics of the MAX134


    1. The MAX134 uses a multiple integral A / D converter, and the maximum count value is usually taken as plus or minus 39999. If the spare bit is dedicated to UP (DOD) automatic zero calibration, it is plus or minus 3999. When measuring unipolar signals, it can be increased to 79999.
    2, A / D conversion accuracy is 0.025%, and the maximum resolution is 5UV. When the clock frequency is 32768HZ, the measurement rate can reach 20 times / S. The chip contains A / D converter, range switch, buzzer driver, active filter, battery low-voltage detector, has a perfect digital interface, with BCD code output, after the UP can achieve up to 20 functions.
    3. Adapt to 9031, 8051 and other single-chip computers. When forming a smart meter, MAX134 can provide all the logic circuits, counters, and registers for A / D conversion, and complete the measurement through an additional mode selection circuit. The range and mode selection are set by UP, and the zero reading correction is also done by UP.
    4. After equipped with UP and AC / DC converter, the basic range is set to DCV (400MV, 4V, 40V, 400V, 4000V); ACV (same as DCV, but all effective values); ACA (400MV effective value); Europe ( 400 ohms, 4 thousand ohms, 40 thousand ohms, 400 thousand ohms, 4 megaohms); detection diodes; check circuit on and off (buzzer block). It can automatically switch the range when measuring voltage and resistance.
    5. Use 9V laminated battery or positive and negative 5V dual power supply, working current is 100UA. In sleep mode, the quiescent current is only 25UA.


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