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    Several failure modes related to supercapacitors


    1) The well-known bathtub curve reflects early failure and wear failure.At the beginning of the device’s use, the failure rate drops rapidly.The initial failures were masked by conventional tests at the manufacturer and customer because the design flaws were not detected during the failure mode and cause analysis during the development process.

    2) The internal pressure of the unit is too large, causing the cavity to crack and happy.The voltage and temperature cause air pressure inside the unit, which increases working time.When the voltage reaches the limit, the mechanical fuse is usually a groove in the wall of the container or the pressure valve will open slowly to prevent an explosion.

    3) As for the leak, the old one is similar to the previous one. The result is almost the same. The cause of the failure may be excessive internal pressure, poor sealing, poor soldering, and breakage on the wall during electrode contact.Etc. Sometimes it is difficult to detect such a leak.

    5) When the series resistance is twice the normal series resistance, the adhesion of the electrode to the aluminum foil decreases with time and temperature.The available effective ions are also reduced.


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