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    The difference between non-linear editing and post-synthesis technology


    Post-synthesis systems rely on the high-speed, high-volume data processing and storage capacity of electronic computers.Since nonlinear editing and post-synthesis techniques are developed on a common electronic platform, the two learn from each other and merge with each other, making it impossible for many people to distinguish the difference between the two.

    (1) Editing and compositing <tablealign=leftborder=0><tr><td></td></tr></table> Editing is closer to editing, which is to cut and rearrange the source material and make it.A new sequence of materials, including video and audio.Synthetic, as the name implies, combines different layers and replaces each other to create a new picture, just like using Photoshop to modify photos, but our picture here is active, which is what we call video.The most representative synthetic products are Infinity, editbox and Hal developed by Quantel, but they are running on minicomputers and are too expensive.Some of these plugins, such as Ultimatte, 5D, etc., are also used by high-end devices.

    (2) Special effects and special effects often refer to the processing of the size, rotation, folding, editing, and filtering of video signals, such as wipes and picture-in-pictures used in serial editing.Many special effects come from trick switching in traditional devices.Obviously, special effects bit technology is much more complicated and more dependent on computer computing power.Therefore, general non-linear devices can run on ordinary PC compatible machines, while special effects-based composite products run on SGI platforms or high-line graphics workstations.At present, there are many products that include many features of the last two steps. For example, the non-linear editing of Spanish products, Jaleo, runs on the SGI platform and incorporates more synthetic technologies. Quantel’s editbox and Hal also have certain editing functions.However, synthetic equipment is ultimately not a substitute for general non-linear editing equipment. Editing products should be more popular, simpler, and cost-effective. Synthetic products require users to be more professional. It is not aimed at long-term or simpleThe show, but a few seconds, a dozen seconds of film and television boutique,


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