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    What are the antenna port power design principles?


    Antenna port power is a key factor to consider when designing a room system.The requirements for the power of the antenna port are different in different standards and different scenarios. The multi-system total antenna feeder system needs to match the power of the antenna port.

    If it is too large, it will exceed the national “Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Regulations” (GB 8702-1988), which will cause damage to human health; at the same time, too much transmission power may block the antenna ports of other systems, causing the entire room subsystem.Interference, resulting in a lot of signals, but the call is not available or the quality of the call is poor.Of course, in addition to the disadvantage of increasing the cost of multi-point coverage of the low-power antenna, it is advantageous to uniformly cover the indoor signal and improve the signal quality.


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