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    What are the characteristics of fiber optic sensors?


    1 Electrical insulation.Because the fiber itself is a dielectric, and the sensitive components can also be made of a dielectric material, the fiber sensor has good electrical insulation, and is particularly suitable for testing high-voltage power systems and large-capacity motors.

    2 anti-electromagnetic interference.Since the sensor head can be made electrically insulated and its volume can be made to a minimum (minimum is only slightly larger than the core diameter of the fiber), it is not only non-invasive to the electromagnetic field, but also non-invasive to the velocity field.It does not cause interference to the measured field.

    3 easy to achieve long-distance monitoring of the signal under test.Since the transmission loss of the optical fiber is small (the minimum optical loss of the quartz glass-based optical fiber can be as low as 0.16 dB/km), the combination of the optical fiber sensor technology and the telemetry technology makes it easy to realize long-distance monitoring of the measured field.


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