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    What are the characteristics of the GSM network?


    The characteristics of the GSM network are as follows:

    1) Spectrum efficiency.The system has high spectral efficiency due to the use of high efficiency modulators, channel coding, interleaving, equalization and speech coding techniques.

    2) Capacity.In addition to the introduction of half-rate voice coding and automatic traffic assignment to reduce the number of handoffs, the capacity efficiency of the GSM system (the number of channels per megahertz per cell) is three to five times higher than that of the TACS system.

    3) Voice quality.The open interface provided by the SM standard is not limited to the air interface, and there may be interfaces such as the A interface and the Abis interface between the networks and between entities in the network.

    5) Security.Security is achieved through authentication, encryption and the use of TMSI numbers.Interconnecting with other networks typically utilizes existing interfaces such as ISUP or TUP.7) Implement roaming on the basis of SIM card.Roaming is an important feature of mobile communications, which means that users can automatically enter another network from one network.In the GSM system, roaming is based on the SIM card identification number and the international mobile subscriber identity number known as IMSI, which means that the user does not have to bring the terminal equipment and only needs to bring his SIM card into other countries.Just fine.The terminal device can be rented, and the user number can be kept unchanged and the billing account is unchanged.


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