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    What are the characteristics of the VxWorks operating system?


    1 Reliability Operating system users want to work in a stable and trustworthy environment, so the reliability of the operating system is the first consideration for users.Stable and reliable has always been a prominent advantage of VxWorks.

    2 Real-time The core meaning of real-time is determinism, not simply fast, which means that you must do what you should do within the specified time, and have the ability to respond to external asynchronous events.The real-time performance of Vxworks is very good, the overhead of the system itself is very small, and the system utilities such as process scheduling, inter-process communication, and interrupt processing are refined and effective, and the delay caused by them is very short.Leave more room for application development.

    3 can be tailored When the user is using the operating system, it is not used for every component in the operating system.For example, graphical displays, file systems, and some device drivers are often not used in some embedded systems.Due to its high flexibility, users can easily customize or properly develop this operating system to meet practical application needs.


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