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    What are the main components of the walkie-talkie host?


    1. Shell: Professional machine generally uses PC ABS, which has very good performance. It has good appearance, good aging and wear, and the product is sturdy and durable. Commercial machines often use engineering plastic ABS in appearance, strength, wear resistance, aging, etc.All aspects can meet the requirements very well; the buttons are made of silicone, which is resistant to wear and is not easy to age.The indicator light indicates the working status, usually at the top.There is also a volume/switch button and a coding knob (select channel) on the top of the radio.

    The LCD part visually displays the working status of the intercom.The PCB component is the core part of the walkie-talkie. The important components are on the PCB. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble.Lithium batteries are expensive and still in the development stage.Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries are more commonly used, and Ni-MH batteries are generally recommended for large-capacity batteries.The battery surface and the bottom case are ultrasonically welded, which is firm and reliable.4, belt clip: the role is to fix the walkie-talkie on the belt, for the convenience of the customer, the belt clip can be removed.The structure generally has a DC socket, a charging shrapnel, an indicator light, a button, and the like.The DC socket is connected to the AC adapter, and the shrapnel is connected to the battery pole piece. The indicator light indicates the charging state, and the button acts as a discharge.The charger can generally charge the battery and the whole machine.7, in addition, the walkie-talkie also has holsters, headphones and other ancillary products


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