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    What are the main features of the LTC4008?


    1. Available in a 20-pin plastic SSOP package.

    2. Conversion efficiency is as high as 96%.

    3. The output current exceeds 4A.

    4. It has a wide output voltage range of 3 to 28V and a voltage error of ±0.8%.

    5. With 0.5V input and output voltage difference and 98% maximum duty cycle.10. With output status indication and charging current monitoring output function.

    11. With Bat-Track adaptive output control, it can optimally use the limited power from the USB interface to charge the battery and power the device.

    12. Overvoltage protection prevents damage to the device.

    14. When the input power is limited or unusable, the internal ideal diode plus the external ideal diode controller seamlessly provides a low loss power path.

    15. It is a full-featured lithium-ion battery or lithium polymer battery charger that enables “instant-on” operation with a depleted battery.


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