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    What are the main parameters of the inductor?


    (1) Inductance 1 Definition of inductance: Inductance is a physical quantity that measures the size of an inductor that converts electrical energy into magnetic energy.When there is current in the inductor, a magnetic field is generated when the current flows. The larger the current, the stronger the magnetic field, and the larger the magnetic flux.The more coil turns, the denser the wound coil, the greater the inductance; the magnetic: the inductor of the sign is larger than the inductor without the core; the higher the magnetic permeability of the inductor core, the higher the inductanceThe bigger.The higher the quality factor, the smaller the loss of the inductor and the higher the efficiency.

    (3) Rated current The rated current is the maximum current allowed to pass during normal operation of the inductor.

    (4) Distributed capacitance The distributed capacitance refers to the 匝 and 匝 of the coil, and the capacitance existing between the coil and the core.


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