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    What are the main standards of Industrial Ethernet?


    Industrial Ethernet is developing the appropriate application layer and user layer protocols according to the requirements of industrial control, so that Ethernet and TCP/IP technologies can be applied to the control layer and extended to the field layer. In the information layer, IT industry is used as much as possible.Everything is effective and up to date.If the application field is divided into discrete manufacturing control and continuous process control, and the network is subdivided into device layer, I/O layer, control layer and monitoring layer, then the application positioning of various industrial Ethernet and its related field bus isAt a glance, as shown in Figure 1-15.Siemens, the world leader in the PLC market, spares no effort to promote the PROFIne/PROFIBus portfolio; Rockwell Automation and Omron and other companies are working to advance EtherNet/IP and its sister network – CIP-based DeviceNet and ControlNet; Schneider strengthens it with IDAAllianceThe three international industrial communication organizations, Fieldbus Foundation, ODVA and PROFIBUS International (PROFIBUS International.PI), jointly support the specifications developed by the OPC Working Group of the OPC (OLE for Process Control) Foundation.


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